The Atara

“We are curious about them. They will become curious about us. It is inevitable. The thrill is in our differences and how we react to those differences.”

Dr. Harold Hardaway

Rachel Lynn Hardaway is fresh out of college and ready to make a name for herself in the field of anthropology, of which her father has already made vast contributions. As she contemplates going into mission work due to her newfound faith, she finds herself unable to resist an once-in-a-lifetime adventure with her father on his field-study team.

An unknown island.

One year.

No modern conveniences.

No guarantee of survival.

Through a twist of fate, Rachel is mistaken as a Holy One and must play her role carefully as an undercurrent of evil threaten the lives and souls of all on the island. Holding tight to her faith, Rachel attempts to light the way to God’s salvation and forgiveness as she navigates newfound love.

As the ATARA, Rachel discovers the role she is to play on the island and will have to choose between her love for the people and the promise she once made.

The Atara is the first in a series of a secret volatile land steeped with mystery, clashing cultures, political scandals, prophecy, and survival in the midst of sweet romances with characters that find their individual paths towards peace and redemption.